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About Us

Our core message

“Replacement construction and modernization are economically, socially and ecologically worthwhile.

We provide support as a specialist agency and neutral knowledge platform.”

We are the entrepreneurial driving force in the careful use of resources. In doing so, we uncover potential and enable innovative and economically interesting new business models for the Swiss construction and real estate industry. At the same time, we set the necessary political priorities for optimal economic conditions. We observe and analyze legislative principles and political developments at home and abroad and influence the political discourse and legislative developments. We initiate projects for the careful use of land, construction, operations & energy as well as capital and communicate via platforms and exclusive events.

We work on three levels

The sociopolitical benefits of green building

  • Ecology

  • Economy

  • Society

The competence of Green Building

  • Overview in the jungle of standards

  • Qualified and committed members

The values we stand for as an association

  • Neutral and objective towards labels

  • Open to members from all sectors

  • Pragmatic solutions for regulatory issues

A presentation of the interests

Green building allows the most diverse interests of the sustainable construction industry to be discussed and brought under a common denominator. We solve this in particular by creating interest groups and clusters. Get an insight into the various concerns and the personalities who represent them through our elevator pitches.


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