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Green Lab initiates and moderates the cooperation of all parties concerned and involved and shapes the cultural change associated with it. 

We support the spread of technical innovations and the application of new or little-known business models. In the Green Lab network, best practice examples are exchanged, experts from a wide variety of disciplines are networked and the finding of solutions in individual projects is supported.

The Green Lab Initiative sees itself as a bridge builder between the disciplines in the future as well. Together with its members, it offers knowledge and experience of how the challenges of the future can be mastered and reveals what is still missing today and supports the process of finding solutions.

How does Swiss research stay competitive and how will it become CO2 neutral in the future?

Lab buildings consume up to 10 times more energy than other buildings.

The desired interdisciplinary collaboration is based on a cultural change in the design, implementation and operation of future laboratories.

Do you want to see how digitalization will be the new foundation for the entire lab infrastructure and R&D processes?

The boundary conditions for R&D are changing dramatically. The current concepts and solution do not meet future requirements.

Do you have a dedicated strategy to manage energy consumption and to reduce the environmental footprint of your labs?

Would you like to be part of this collaboration and actively promote it?

Automation and digitalization will have ad most importance for R&D and your laboratory.

Do you want to get to know promising concepts and solutions for your future?

The Green Lab Symposium

The Green Lab Symposium is the first laboratory symposium in Switzerland for Switzerland.
Our aim is to break down existing thought patterns and create a platform for active, interdisciplinary dialogue.


Interactive workshops on selected topics in smaller groups offer the opportunity for a creative solution-finding process.


Keynote presentations will report on the current state of research and future prospects.
In addition, the needs of the various interest groups will be discussed in panel discussions.


The Green Lab Symposium is a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people in Switzerland. 
Bring your challenge and be inspired by the ideas of others!

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