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Replacement construction 2.0

New replacement construction has been used for many years in the renovation of old buildings, although it has recently suffered from systematic defamation. The advantages of new replacement construction are numerous, including the ability to build to the latest energy standards, take better account of the needs of the population and increase living space.

On the other hand, refurbishment also has both advantages and disadvantages. The "Replacement building 2.0" project aims to prevent and correct systematic defamation. It also shows that both new replacement construction and refurbishment are measures that can coexist and that, depending on the building, a case-specific factual analysis must be carried out.

Expert survey " Stock and replacement - under what conditions?"

The Green Building Association initiated a wide-ranging expert survey aimed at owners, developers, the construction industry and specialist planners/service providers. The respondents cover a wide range from small to large companies and represent all regions of Switzerland

The aim and purpose of the survey was to create a sound basis for discussion and to promote the exchange of knowledge within the industry. Strategies of the construction and property industry were examined in order to respond to current challenges and social expectations.

Results of the expert survey : 📄 Survey on grey energy - evaluation

You can find further information here 🠖

Read more about it:


Objectives of the project

  • Correction of unqualified reporting

  • Differentiated analysis: tabula rasa vs. tabula scripta

  • Stop the "demolition prevention" problem

  • New replacement construction in law and politics

Organization of the project

The independent project is initiated by Green Building and financed by a separate working group with its own budget.

Working group

Members from building owners, planners, owners, building cooperative experts, recycling representatives, socio-cultural experts, representatives of the building materials industry, investors and the construction industry.


​Steering Committee

Support and advice from consultants, politicians, communications consultants, representatives of the academic community and building authorities.

Target group

Addressing politicians, the public sector, administration, associations, academics, property owners and investors to obtain support in promoting replacement buildings while taking legal standards into account.

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