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Institutional investors

As institutional investors become increasingly aware of the importance of climate risks in their investments, the need for action in the real estate sector is growing. This is particularly in view of the constantly increasing regulatory pressure on investors, which should also lead to the adoption of voluntary measures.  A Green Building membership enables institutional investors to meet these challenges.
The focus is primarily on institutional investors in the occupational pension sector (private and public pension funds as well as
In addition, insurance companies are being addressed as important long-term investors in the real estate sector.

Benefits of membership

Green Building offers its members a platform for exchanging knowledge and forming opinions.
Not only are institutional investors in dialogue with each other, but members also benefit from the
Networking and the know-how of various members and experts from the construction industry.


The Green Building Association maintains a close partnership with the start-up Lookthrough AG from
Zurich. Lookthrough AG specializes in the modern evaluation of real estate parks based on relevant
sustainability criteria. The start-up benefits from the know-how of the Green Building Association
and the members of the association benefit from more favourable conditions when evaluating their properties.
For Green Building members, the evaluation of the first five buildings through Lookthrough is free of charge.


The following tasks and competencies are in the foreground:

  • Exchange of experience and knowledge among institutional investors and providers through workshops and virtual meetings;

  • Creation of a network between institutional investors and providers;

  • Evaluation of the real estate portfolio in cooperation with Lookthrough AG at reduced rates;

  • Participation in evaluation options, comparison possibilities and forecasts. Participation in the development of a label;

  • Identifying and developing best practices in all areas of sustainable construction projects;

  • Further development of innovative models for real estate optimization;

  • ​Channeling needs of institutional investors in terms of cooperation with state institutions and NGOs;

  • Lobbying/influencing on green building issues after consultation with members in relation to politics and NGOs.


Formation of working groups

In order to optimally tailor the offer to the needs of investors, two working groups will be formed in the future. The first working group focuses on conveying the basics or special topics on sustainability in real estate. The main focus is on the exchange of knowledge and experience between members. On the one hand, a platform is offered in principle and on the other hand, internal lectures and contributions are organized. The second working group focuses on the application of knowledge. In this group, for example, standards for the collection and valuation of real estate are developed or concrete CO2 reduction measures are discussed and implemented. In addition, the group can act as a competent mouthpiece for institutional investors vis-à-vis other stakeholders such as NGOs or politicians and represent them with concentrated power and expertise.

Membership fees institutional investors

As members of Green Building Switzerland, pension funds pay membership fees depending on the investment value of their real estate portfolio. The annual membership fee for pension funds with a real estate portfolio investment value of up to one billion francs is CHF 1,500. Pension funds with a real estate portfolio investment value of up to four billion francs pay CHF 2,000. And for pension funds with a real estate portfolio investment value of more than four billion francs, an annual membership fee of CHF 3,000. Insurance companies pay an annual membership fee of CHF 4,000. This is independent of the investment value of the real estate portfolio.

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